Embodyment® Yoga Therapy &
Yoga Therapy for Treating Pain

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy with Solveig Corbin, CSYT

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy, a therapeutic hands-on healing modality, facilitates the release of core muscle tension at the base of your spine.

Tight muscles are painful muscles. As the tight muscles at the base of your spine are supported, your body is able to release long-held tension. This release work triggers a relaxation response from the core outward to other areas of your body.

This deeply relaxing therapy will unwind your tensions from the inside out, like an internal massage. You will unravel your tension at the root, or core, from its origin.

How does it work?

The therapy is done in a private session while you are fully-clothed and lying on your back in savasana (relaxation pose). I use hand positions that meet the core muscles where they attach to the bone at the base of your spine. The spinal muscles are supported and are encouraged to slowly release. Your job is to be open to the subtle and deep healing process of your body.


Yoga Therapy for Treating Pain

I also offer one-on-one Yoga Therapy sessions for treating pain. You will learn breathing and other techniques to reduce and heal pain. I work with you in supported poses to release areas of pain and tension. This is deep healing work which I have learned through Svaroopa® Yoga. These techniques work with the Svaroopa® Yoga classes, as it is the same modality, but the work is much more personally tailored to you than in a class. Continue the healing and transformation that you have begun in your Svaroopa® class. Or start here if you don't feel ready to come to class. In a few weeks you will be on the road to recovery.

Yoga Therapy for Neck and Shoulders

I now offer Yoga Therapy to help with these problem areas. Come and experience relief in your upper body!


Rate: $75.00/session or $250/4 sessions or $500/9 sessions.

$275 for a package of: 10 class Svaroopa® Yoga card (exp 8 wk) with 3 private sessions(Embodyment® or Yoga Therapy- no expiry)

$240 for a package of: 6 class Svaroopa® Yoga card (exp 8 wk) with 3 private sessions (Embodyment® or Yoga Therapy - no expiry)

April Special: $10 off a Yoga Therapy package purchased in the month of April if you are new to Yoga Therapy.

Cancellations: Please allow 24 hours.


Not sure what type of therapy you need? Call or come in and I will see what will be best for you! Want to work on a home yoga practice? One-on-one sessions will help get you going. Or schedule a session for yourself and a friend for a semi-private yoga class. Feel free to email me with any questions: info@nokomisyoga.com

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Saturdays & Sundays
Afternoons by appointment

Call Solveig Corbin, CSYT to schedule an appointment: 612-770-2467.

"In the two months since I started seeing you in private sessions and started my Yoga practice I have seen dramatic changes within myself. While I am not totally pain free yet I am amazed at what I see and feel in myself. After almost a year on narcotic pain killers for my back I was able to stop needing them after three weeks of classes and Embodyment therapy.

The biggest change I see is awareness:

I would have never believed that starting with 4 seemingly simple poses I could open up so much both mentally and physically. The poses open up the core muscles first, but after the core opens the mind also opens. From an open mind I have found awareness that I never knew existed.

My muscles, and mind, have been so tension filled I had no idea what was going on. I was basically numb. Now when I start to tighten up awareness allows me to keep muscular tension from building and causing pain.

An example is I how I deal with a stressful meeting at work. In the past I would lose my cool, try to control the meeting and end up so tense that my back would seize. Now I can stay in awareness of my body and mind and I stay open. Even on the occasion that I am not able to keep my cool I am able to breathe 2-3 Ujjayi breaths and Iím back to awareness and no tension.

As I continue with more yoga I am able to stay loose and open for longer periods of time. It seems like every class/therapy session I learn something new whether I know it at the time or not. Yoga has opened my very busy mind and Iím now able to contemplate what Iíve learned and incorporate it into my life.

I really want to thank you because this is much more than I bargained for. I thought I was going to get some stretches and physical poses that would help me be more flexible to help with back pain, but I have found much more.

I have found inner peace and awareness that I never know existed. Your teaching, patience and compassion along with a little bit of yoga has changed my life."